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NLCC THUNDER runs a cadet Band. Any cadet can join the Band whether they have experience playing an instrument or not. Anyone who joins the Band may pick an instrument to learn such as the Trumpet, Snare Drum, Cymbals, and Bass Drum. There is also a position in front of the band called the Drum Major. This person leads and conducts the Band through parades and music.



RCSCC VINDICTIVE also has a cadet Band similar to the NLCC THUNDER Band. The Vindictive Band teaches more instruments such as the Tuba, Piccolo, Trombone, and saxophone. The Band also teaches more complex music to the cadets and giving them an opportunity to compete during Band competitions.

Colour Party

NLCC THUNDER has a Colour Party that consists of five cadets.

These cadets learn ceremonial flag drill as well as become the center of attention for ceremonies and regular parade nights.


RCSCC Vindictive runs a Guard that teaches it's cadets ceremonial rifle drill for regular parade nights and ceremonies.

Sail Weekends

The Sea Cadet program gives cadets 1-2 sail weekends a year.

These sail weekends are free and mandatory for promotion. The training lasts for two days: Saturday and Sunday.


Both Corps have their own ranks which you can get for each training year. The requirements to be promoted in the Navy League is for good attendance and doing the proper training. Higher ranks can be received for this purpose and after an interview to see the cadets' strengths, weaknesses, and capability to teach and lead other cadets.


Sea cadet requirements for these promotions are good attendance, participating in mandatory sail weekends, and passing their training. The requirements for High ranks are the same with lower ranks with an inspection and interview.

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